Work - my fields of expertise

Web Design


I develop web applications in JavaScript or/and jQuery from scratch or provide additional functionality to existing web applications.

When developing an application or feature I provide comments throughout the code considering it could or would be read by other developers as well before the production stage.

I can collaborate with the back-end developers team through version control systems and platforms such as Git/GitHub

Depending on the size of the project, I can separate my code from possible collision with the code written by other developers by creating objects that will store each added feature or use other OOP concepts

Price: $20.00/hr
  • I am familiar with JavaScripts concepts such as:
  • OOP in JavaScript
  • Prototypes
  • Selectors in JavaScript and jQuery
  • Data types in JavaScript
  • Closures
  • AJAX, XMLHttpRequests
  • Built-in functions in jQuery/JavaScript
  • Animations in jQuery
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • localStorage & sessionStorage
  • Cookies
  • Geolocation
  • APIs
  • History
  • Plugin Integration
  • And many other concepts

Web Design


I can design websites from scratch using HTML and CSS or convert an image file to a website template using HTML and CSS (without using WSIWYG editors such as Adobe's Dreamweaver.) I usually use Sublime Text 3 or Eclipse for coding.

Alternatively, I can just fix a HTML/CSS bug, add some styles to a newly added content or add new content to an existing page.

Depending on the application's purpose, I usually write semantic markup with SEO in mind. I know and can use the newest HTML5 semantic markup elements such as <main>, <article>, <header>, <nav> to enhance the site's SEO friendliness. with fallbacks for older browsers

I have different versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer on my working machine and I work with cross-browser compatibility in mind by frequently testing the website with different browsers and different browser versions.

Price: $15.00/hr
  • I am familiar with HTML/CSS concepts such as:
  • CSS Specificity
  • CSS and CSS3 selectors and pseudo-selectors
  • HTML and HTML5 elements and attributes
  • CSS and CSS3 properties
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3 Transitions
  • CSS3 Transforms
  • CSS3 Animations
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • CSS3 Gradients
  • HTML5 localStorage and sessionStorage
  • HTML5 Web Workers
  • Geolocation API
  • And many other concepts.

Web Development


I accept all kinds of PHP jobs. I rely on the PDO/mysqli API to interact with MySQL database and I am familliar with the MVC design pattern and RESTful applications. I use classess to fill the application's logic whenever the application is not very small in size or represents a tiny feature.

I have created several applications using Laravel and CodeIgniter although, depending on the application, I can only rely on core PHP as well. Frameworks sometimes add considerable amount of page loading due to their rich level of features which may not be used in small applications where core PHP would be a better choice.

Price: $25.00/hr
  • I am familiar with PHP concepts such as:
  • OOP in PHP
  • Built-in functions in PHP
  • Image manipulation in PHP
  • File manipulation in PHP
  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Sessions
  • Cookies
  • Dates, timestamps and date manipulation in PHP
  • Superglobals
  • Interaction with databases in PHP such as MySQL or SQLite
  • And many other concepts.

Web Development


I usually use MySQL database when building the back-end of the web applications. I have knowledge of the SQL language and the phpmyadmin UI.

Price: $20.00/hr

Web Design/Development


I can create and edit WordPress sites from scratch and modify them to suit your business needs by editing the associated design with a theme that either I have selected or you have selected. Besides that, I can merely edit some styles associated with a WordPress theme that you have chosen or install/debug plugins or fix a bug.

Price: $15.00/hr

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Latest Clients:

Job: JavaScript Widget Installations

Client: Onix Web Development

Ivan, always produced great work and his communication with our team helped improve our workflow and kept the project moving forward.

Shared at: November 3rd 02:41 PM

Job: Improving a video playlist

Client: Director Jeremy Haccoun

Excellent job. Ivan is smart, fast and solved everything in a couple of hours. Will definitely hire again

Shared at: November 3rd 02:35 PM

Job: Twitter Bootstrap Prototype

Client: Tim B.

Even though I'd already awarded the original task to another developer, based on Ivan's proposal demonstrating his knowledge and ability to complete the task I decided to give him the job as well. My instincts proved to be spot on, Ivan interpreted the brief precisely advised of his approach and outlined his timelines for delivery and then got on with it. He delivered well ahead of schedule with a very impressive build that had no bugs and required only very minor amends. He also made himself available for a number of hours after providing the deliverable for any potential improvements plus making sure I could access the tool on multiple devices and from different locations. Definitely hope to work with Ivan again soon!

Shared at: February 15th 10:02 PM

Job: Creating CSS Selectors To Extract Data from Webpages

Client: Johann Abraham

"Our job included figuring out CSS selectors and Ivan did a fantastic job for us. We finished the first phase of the project and we'll definitely hire him again when we start the second phase of the project."

Shared at: February 10th 06:40 PM

Job: coding

Client: Peter Young


Shared at: February 10th 05:17 PM

Latest Certificates:

Programming with Node.js



Shared at: June 30th 07:39 PM

Special Award from Xogito at Ruse Hack v2.0


Shared at: November 10th 10:58 AM

Second place in Ruse Hack v2.0


Shared at: November 10th 10:56 AM

Participation in Ruse Hack v2.0


Shared at: November 10th 10:56 AM

Special Award from WebVox at Hack Ruse v2.0


Shared at: November 10th 10:56 AM

First place on a hackathon that took place in Ruse.



1st place


Shared at: June 8th 03:47 PM

Introduction to Systematic Program Design

Systematic Program Design

Program Design

Shared at: December 28th 04:31 PM

First place on a competition for the most informative and attractive student website.


1st place

Student website

informative website

attractive website

Shared at: December 28th 03:30 PM

Faster HTML & CSS Workflow with Emmet + Bootstrap





Shared at: December 28th 11:01 AM

Latest in Portfolio

Practical Web Hacking



A website where people are presented 13 small hacking challenges which they must crack.

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Ruse Problem Solving

Pass the time


Google Maps API



Facebook API


A website that I built along with a team during the course of a 2 day hackathon. The website won us the first place in the hackathon.

Shared at: June 8th 03:57 PM









The mobile version of the desktop website in PSD to HTML 1

Shared at: February 11th 11:12 PM


Pass the time








A place where you can do tests on different topics and get certificates. You can share your profile which has detailed statistics about your performance or look at other people's profiles in the leaderboards or the chat.

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