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In Web Development Soup, you will learn important HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP concepts. You will get up-to-date with the recent developments in HTML5 and CSS3 – the tags, selectors, attributes and APIs they offer. You will get acquainted with Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap which are invaluable when it comes to designing user interfaces. In terms of JavaScript, you will build basic knowledge of recent developments such as Angular.js, jQuery, Node.js, new JavaScript APIs and features. In terms of PHP, you will get a head start on WordPress, Laravel, CakePHP and so on.

Throughout the book, besides explaining different possibilities in the programming languages and giving sample codes we will also be building real and functioning applications such as a voice chat with Node.js, a small marketplace with CakePHP, a simple game with JavaScript and Processing.js, two apps where users can take and manage notes, a screenshot-capturing service in which users can enter a URL address and get a screenshot of the website as our server sees it, and more.

Furthermore, some widgets will be built such as a countdown timer which can be reused in your applications, a PHP script which takes an URL address to a WordPress RSS feed and extracts all relevant information for you to use or displays its contents in a table, amongst others.

Check out the book’s accompanying website: http://wds.dimoff.biz.
In it, you can download all code samples from this book and examine them or run them in a browser. Furthermore, you can do the exercises on the website each time you read a chapter and if you manage to complete all exercises and the final exam without mistakes (you can repeat the exercises as much as you like) you can get a special certificate!

In the bottom of the book, you will find your username and password. Use them to access the code samples and the tests.

Some other useful aspects of web development are also examined in the Web Development Soup – such as improving your workflow, securing web applications and optimizing your websites in search engines.

Тhe content of the book will serve you well in establishing a base knowledge of the different aspects of web development and guide you to find out the sphere that you most like and will empower your career.

This book will be periodically updated with new content, as well as the accompanying website. New things will be added at least once every few months.

Web Development Soup is sold in Amazon for $3.49

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