Web Vulnerabilities Explained eBook

107 Page eBook

This book will be useful to anyone engaged in, or studying, web development or/and penetration testing as well as those interested in information security and in web security, in particular.

A wide array of vulnerabilities are discussed including code injections, XSS, Clickjacking, CSRF, DoS, Content Spoofing, Information Leakage along with many other flaws related to various parts of web applications – such as authentication flaws. Each chapter discusses a particular vulnerability and most chapters have code samples which show the type of code that’s susceptible to an attack, as well as sections depicting the ways in which the vulnerability may be prevented or mitigated.

Three interactive quizzes are also included with the book which can help you in the learning process and let you know if you have retained the material.

The book is best read by people who have at least some basic knowledge of one or more of the following languages: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Node.js

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